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"The Original SoftCollar tm"
Bruce Boyer

Made in USA since 1982

Collars of Distinction

History and Location


Mercer&SonsTM began cutting its traditional oxford cloth button down shirt in an 18th century warehouse across the street from Boston Garden (now the Fleet Center) in the late 70’s. At that time, the primary maker of men’s traditional button down shirts began to compromise its product, with uneven workmanship and skimping of materials.

Mercer and Sons - History and Location - Boston

In response, Mercer&SonsTM designed our own shirt pattern, traditional in every way, from offset cuffs and six-button plackets to our trademark 3 7/16” button down collar which we cut, turn, trim and point by hand, without lining or fusing, to guarantee its distinctive full roll. We sourced the finest yarn-dyed, two-ply oxford cloth available (our famed BulletproofTM Pima Cotton Oxford) and began manufacturing button downs for men who rely every day on their shirts for fit, comfort, quality and traditional good looks.

Mercer and Sons - History and Location - Sewing Machine

Since that time, we have broadened our shirt line to include not only the finest Italian and English patterns, but also offer the best straight point tennis collar and modified spread collar available today. A traditional short sleeve sport shirt and custom size options were later added to our specialty.

Mercer and Sons - History and Location - Adamsville

In 1988, our offices moved from Boston to Adamsville, part of Little Compton, Rhode Island, a small seaside fishing and farming community located in the shadow of Rhode Island’s historic textile industry and near the highly respected Textile Department of UMass Dartmouth. In 2003 we moved to Yarmouth, Maine where we continued growing Mercer&SonsTM with quality and integrity.

Our offices now operate out of Bozeman, Montana which we are lucky to call our home. We continue to stay true to our original mission to manufacture a high-quality traditional cut dress shirt in an array of classic patterns and fabric. 

Traditional ShirtMakers
Made in USA since 1982

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Our trademark SofCollarstm . Made in U.S.A Since 1982. Authentic Ivy League Look. G.Bruce Boyer. Unlined, Non-fused, Classic Full Roll 3 7/16" Button Down Collars. Better than Brooks Brothers. Two-Ply, Yarn-Dyed Pima Cotton Oxford, 2 7/8" Straight Point Collars, Generously Cut. Exceptional Comfort. Traditional Good Looks. Hard-to-Find Sizes, Sea Island Broadcloths, English and Italian Superfine Shirtings, Solids, Stripes, Checks, Plaids, French Cuffs, Contrast Collars, 'J.Press' Flap Pockets, Big and Tall Sizes, Single Needle Stitching. Custom Tailoring. Impeccable after 150+ Launderings. Classic Pima Cotton Oxford Boxers. All American Made. Guaranteed to Outlast All Others.

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