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Our Best Pima Cotton Pinpoint Oxford Boxerstm

About two weeks ago, I retired the last of my Brooks Bros boxers. The Mercer boxers are absolutely outstanding! Far better than anything else that I have ever experienced.
The fit is perfect, oxford cloth is higher thread count than usually found, and the covered waist band makes a huge difference. And made in America. 
WF Steph Princeton,NJ

"The classic button-down is no more – unless you know where to look-"

Traditional ShirtMakers

Made in USA since 1982

Collars of Distinction

Review-Salt Water New England

"Long live Mercer and Sons. Best shirts on the market"

Solid White and Solid Blue 80's Two-Ply Pima Cotton Pinpoint Oxford Boxers
With Covered Elastic Band and Single Needle Stitching

Just what you'd expect- the same meticulous quality, generous fit and honest comfort,  
in 80's pima cotton pinpoint boxers. Broadcloth comfort with oxford durability.
 Just like our shirts, "these damn things don't wear out", either.
Covered 1 1/2" elastic band. Single needle stitching throughout.
Full cut in leg and derriere for ease and true comfort.
Made in USA, of course.

White and Blue 80's Pinpoint Oxford Boxers
S(30-32), M(34-36), L(38-40), XL(42-44), XXL(46-48), XXXL(50-52)

Traditional ShirtMakers
Made in USA since 1982

Call 1-800-705-2828

Made in U.S.A Since 1982. Authentic Ivy League Look. G.Bruce Boyer. Unlined, Non-fused, Classic Full Roll 3 7/16" Button Down Collars. Better than Brooks Brothers. Two-Ply, Yarn-Dyed Pima Cotton Oxford, 2 7/8" Straight Point Collars, Generously Cut. Exceptional Comfort. Traditional Good Looks. Hard-to-Find Sizes, Sea Island Broadcloths, English and Italian Superfine Shirtings, Solids, Stripes, Checks, Plaids, French Cuffs, Contrast Collars, 'J.Press' Flap Pockets, Big and Tall Sizes, Single Needle Stitching. Custom Tailoring. Impeccable after 150+ Launderings. Classic Pima Cotton Oxford Boxers. All American Made. Guaranteed to Outlast All Others.
Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. Mercer and Sons





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Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.