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Larger Checks and Plaids
Subject to availabilty.

"The Original SoftCollar tm"
Bruce Boyer

Made in USA since 1982

Collars of Distinction
All fabrics available in our trademark SoftCollar tm Button Down, Straight Point Tennis and Modified Spread Collars.

STILL TAKING ORDERS - Deliveries will be delayed.

  Catch a look.... Peek into Our Closettm- photographs

"The Best Damn RTW Button-Down Shirt..."
Review-Salt Water New England
"The classic button-down is no more – unless you know where to look-"
"Mercer and Sons. Best shirts on the market"

Plaids-Pima Cotton Tartan Plaids, Large Checks, Ginghams, Bolds,  Cotton/Wools.
All available in our SoftCollartm B
utton Down, Straight Tennis and Modified Spread Collars.
Sizes 13 1/2-22. Talls 15-22. Sleeves 28-39.   

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St. Andrews Royal Plaid Johnnie Walker Red Tartan
Lightweight Cotton Flannel is a hole in one. A no-miss addition to your plaids. Four season lightweight Italian flannel.
 #SO278-  17750  #TM76-35-  205

Cool Blue Seersucker Check

Bleeding Indian Cotton Madras
East India Company

Admiral Nelson's Trafalgar Check
100's Broadcloth Plaid

 Classic Blue Check
 60's Pima Cotton Seersucker.

The Real Deal Madrastm
Handwoven Bleeding Cotton

 Deep blue on bright white check.
A thoroughly commanding look.

#840R)Y-  17250

#MDRS-#5- $205

#S1697-  17750


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New James Bond Tattersall
Brushed Cotton Flannel

Classic 5 MM Blue Black Grey
Tattersall #385 Broadcloth
Madison River Tattersall
Lambtontm 80% Cotton, 20% Wool

Hot off the loom. Another of Mr. Bond's favorites. That distinctive look you can share with James. Remember, you only live twice.

Slightly larger grid, but same classic pattern and colors. Blazer or khakis and jeans. Autumn on the river or by the fire.
Super comfy cotton wool combo.
Classic country look.

#FIFEGRN-  205

#385BLU-  17250 #ACRNB-  210

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5MM Town & Country Check
Skye Blue #357 Broadcloth 

Tropical Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow Check

5MM Town & Country Check
Navy #357 Broadcloth  

24/7 Versatility in Distinctive London Checks

The Islands beckon. Come on down. Super smooth, cool pima cotton check shirt. Island time... now! 24/7 Versatility in Distinctive London Checks

#357LBL-  17250

#708MUL-  17250

#357NVY-  17250




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Classic Gordon Plaid
North Country Red/Black
Lightweight Flannel Plaid
Clan Destin SuperFine
Traditional tartan in Blues, Greens, Yellow and White. Fine 60's pima cotton broadcloth. North Country look, urbane comfort.
Lightweight brushed cotton flannel.
Highland splendor. Balmoral comfort. Lightweight 100's fine pima cotton broadcloth.
      #741MUL-  17250 #C7RB-  17250 #4686TM-  205

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Blue and Green Architectural
Blue Print
#845 Broadcloth
Pink and Blue Architectural
Blue Print
#845 Broadcloth
Blue and Yellow Architectural
Blue Print
#845 Broadcloth
Subtle, but bright and cheery. Fine 60's pima cotton broadcloth. Fine Line Backdrop.
Fine 60's pima cotton broadcloth.
Subtle, but bright and cheery. Fine 60's pima cotton broadcloth.
#845GRN-  17250 #845PNK-  17250 #845MAZ-  17250

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Sicilian Orange and Italian Blue #501 Carbonlinetm Windowpane Blue, Orange and White Check #94 Basingstoke Blue, White and Green Plaid #753 Broadcloth
Distinctive shades of Orange and Blue on our traditional CarbonLine Windowpane pattern. Exceptionally "complimentary "colors
bring rave reviews.
The original British country plaid in four season 60's broadcloth.
#501ORA-  17250 #943ORN-  17250 #753BLU.   17250

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Jim Bridger 17MM Blue and Black Plaid

Portofino SuperFinetm
120's Broadcloth Plaid

Blue Cambridge Check
Broadcloth #355

Trusty blue and black plaid. Will quickly become a favorite. Four season comfort.

 Ah, the Riviera. Cheerful colors will brighten your every day.

Classic windowpane pattern
in 60's pima cotton broadcloth.
#743BLU-   17250 limited edition!

#TM-35-71-   205.



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Navy Glen Plaid Broadcloth

All American SuperFinetm
120's Broadcloth Plaid

 Blue Trafalgar Square Broadcloth
Very popular in the city  and a
particular favorite in the U.K.

 Red, White and Blue has never looked better. Or felt more comfortable.

Classic British blue backdrop. Soft 60's pima cotton broadcloth. Be there. Or be square.
#768NVY-  17250

#ALL3736-  205. Two Shirts Available!

#066BLU-  17250



Subject to availability
Prices subject to change.
Call 1-800-705-2828

Made in U.S.A Since 1982. Authentic Ivy League Look. G.Bruce Boyer. Unlined, Non-fused, Classic Full Roll 3 7/16" Button Down Collars. Better than Brooks Brothers. Two-Ply, Yarn-Dyed Pima Cotton Oxford, 2 7/8" Straight Point Collars, Generously Cut. Exceptional Comfort. Traditional Good Looks. Hard-to-Find Sizes, Sea Island Broadcloths, English and Italian Superfine Shirtings, Solids, Stripes, Checks, Plaids, French Cuffs, Contrast Collars, 'J.Press' Flap Pockets, Big and Tall Sizes, Single Needle Stitching. Custom Tailoring. Impeccable after 150+ Launderings. Classic Pima Cotton Oxford Boxers. All American Made. Guaranteed to Outlast All Others.
Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. Mercer and Sons