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"The Original SoftCollar tm"
Bruce Boyer

Made in USA since 1982

Collars of Distinction

Peek into Our Closet
Photographs of shirts our customers have ordered.

"The Best Damn RTW Button-Down Shirt..."
Review-Salt Water New England
"The classic button-down is no more – unless you know where to look-"
"Mercer and Sons. Best shirts on the market"

Should I try your button down or your straight collar?

Some customers buy strictly one or the other collar, but many buy both.
Because each collar is the best of its kind, and singularly appropriate for all dress and casual wear, there’s no need to confine your choice. And we offer all fabrics in each collar style.

Pink Two-Ply Pima Cotton Oxford
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Our Trademark SoftCollartm 3 7/16" Button Down Collar

You will not be sacrificing comfort in either case, as each collar is designed to be more comfortable than you thought possible in a dress shirt. In addition, our precise patterns, meticulous construction, soft, high count cotton fabrics and dedicated seamstresses guarantee you our distinctive American style which cannot be matched anywhere.

What makes your 3 7/16" button down so popular?

Our hand turned, genuinely full roll SoftCollartm 3 7/16" button down collar is without peer, providing both exceptional comfort and traditional good looks, and has been the benchmark of style on Madison Avenue for decades.
Although some feel a straight collar is more appropriate for dress, clearly there is a longstanding tradition for our button down in the competitive business world. Its fit, comfort, and assured style guarantee you the most confident look and appearance.

How does MERCER&SONS produce such a soft, full roll collar?

Each and every collar is cut, turned, trimmed and pointed by hand. Only then can we guarantee its unmatched, relaxed and truly full roll. And, of course, our SoftCollartm  is unlined and unfused for its distinctive roll and ultimate comfort.
Equally integral to the fit and look of our collars is the placement of the collar buttons by our experienced makers (since each shirt and every shirting fabric has its own unique characteristics).
Time and experienced seamstresses are crucial to the make of each button down collar. The short cuts of machine fitting and fused collars simply cannot produce either the distinctive roll or the supple give so crucial to the ease, comfort and distinctive look of our button down collars.

But don’t many of your customers swear by your 2 7/8" straight collar?

Absolutely, with good reason. Our traditional 2 7/8" straight point collar is distinctive, extraordinarily versatile, yet impossible-to-find (and never duplicated).

Windsor White 140's Superfinetm Broadcloth
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Our Trademark SoftCollartm 2 7/8" Straight Point Tennis Collar

Its trademarked design provides a style you can trust, but with a comfort none other offers. The very antithesis of the so-called “stiff collar”, ours is much more forgiving. Its unique construction and lining give you an “easy fit”, while still guaranteeing a most sophisticated and distinguished look.

Your straight collar, just like your button down, looks great, unbuttoned, for  casual wear. Isn't your straight collar unique in that regard?

Excellent point. For more relaxed occasions, our straight collar does look absolutely terrific lightly pressed, or even un-ironed, with the stays removed. Only our unique pattern and painstaking construction can produce this more casual look and feel, while still providing a neat, gentlemanly appearance.

We understand you also offer a modified spread collar?

Yes, our 2 13/16" modified spread is perfect for those who appreciate our unique soft collar construction and are looking for a little variety. Our soft modified spread collar has a truly distinctive look. It is the most comfortable spread collar, period, and one which not only offers variety for dress, but an absolutely fabulous relaxed look for casual wear.

Grey Bankers 1/16" Broadcloth Stripe
click to enlarge
Our Trademark SoftCollartm 2 7/8" Modified Spread Collar

P.S. For those of you who remember the button down collar before the world became so button down, we offer our trademark SoftCollartm Buttonless Buttondowntm . Same 3 7/16" length collar, but sans buttons and sans button holes. One less thing, or make that two less things to deal with every morning. The 'Devil May Care' look. Or if you wish to create another look entirely, put that old collar pin to work. The Buttonless Buttondowntm   . When you are sick of being button down, and don't wish to go straight.

Blue Two-Ply Pima Cotton Oxford
click to enlarge
Our Trademark SoftCollartm 3 7/16" Button Less Button Down tm

P.P.S. Don't forget our 1st Time Buyer Special. Now you can join our list of discriminating customers who, for more than twenty years, have enjoyed traditional good looks, unquestioned good taste, and the comfort, self assurance and exceptional long lasting value which only MERCER&SONS shirts provide.

"Long live Mercer and Sons. Best shirts on the market"

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Made in USA since 1982

Our trademark SoftCollarstm .Made in U.S.A Since 1982. Authentic Ivy League Look. G.Bruce Boyer. Unlined, Non-fused, Classic Full Roll 3 7/16" Button Down Collars. Better than Brooks Brothers. Two-Ply, Yarn-Dyed Pima Cotton Oxford, 2 7/8" Straight Point Collars, Generously Cut. Exceptional Comfort. Traditional Good Looks. Hard-to-Find Sizes, Sea Island Broadcloths, English and Italian Superfine Shirtings, Solids, Stripes, Checks, Plaids, French Cuffs, Contrast Collars, 'J.Press' Flap Pockets, Big and Tall Sizes, Single Needle Stitching. Custom Tailoring. Impeccable after 150+ Launderings. Classic Pima Cotton Oxford Boxers. All American Made. Guaranteed to Outlast All Others.
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